Sabden FC Super Fans

No football club is complete without their own set of super-fans. Below is a list of current super-fans who, come hail, rain or shine, drag themselves out to support us.

Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen; you make laying our bodies on the line for you every Sunday totally and utterly worthwhile.

Sabden FC Super-Fans:

Xanthe Gill
Dom Giles
Georgina Collinson
Alicia Butler
Justin Armitage
Dave Holmes
William Holmes
George Holmes
Lesley Holmes
Mark Mosley
Lorraine Capstick
Dave Capstick
Molly Capstick
Andi Tomlinson

Trainee Super-Fans:

Charlie Fielding
Ella Butler
Matt Davies


Everything we do … we do it for you … (oooh yeahh!)

Are you a Super-Fan? Have we dared to miss you off? Tell us by using our Get In Touch page